Trek to Lough Altan

Last March I went hillwalking with two of my brothers, to the Abandoned farmhouse at Lough Altan in the north of Donegal and took pictures along the way. This is my first blog post, hope you enjoy the photos.

Here's a little info about Altan farm: "This farm is said to have been abandoned after the "Big Snow" in 1947 which wiped out the herd and the farm was sold to a Swiss industrialist, who it is said "never set foot on it" ref  

Map of Donegal in the North West of Ireland. The purple pin is where Lough Altan is.

Starting off at the foot of Mount Errigal we took a longer route to reach Lough Altan and the abandoned farmhouse. There is still the old track to the Lough that would have only taken about 45 mins to get there via that route, but we decided to take a longer route... 

Map of our route, click on this pic to enlarge

A close up map of the area. Left of the start point is Mount Errigal. The red line is the route we took to get there and the blue line is the route we took back. The blue line being the original road now all overgrown and very mucky.

Two hikers with map deciding which way to go in Donegal mountains
We will go that way, it should only take about 1 hour.....

Two men hiking down a hill beside Mount Errigal in Donegal, Ireland
so off we went

Looking back up a steep hill in Donegal
we passed steep hills

Landscape photograph of two hillwalkers overlooking Aghla More Mountain one of the Seven Sisters also known as Little Errigal, in Co. Donegal, Ireland
Got a great view of Aghla More Mountain, you can also see Tory Island from here.......

Looking back at Mount Errigal

...watched by Deer
Unfortunately I didn't have a tele zoom lens with me that day so this is a crop of a photo shot with my wide angle.

Two hikers looking at the vast Donegal Landscape, you can see Horn Head and possibly Inishowen from here
The vast Donegal Landscape, you can see Horn Head and possibly Inishowen from here

Hillwalkers observing Lough Altan Farm from high up in the Donegal Hills
Altan Manor looks so tiny

Lough Altan

The 'beach' at Lough Altan, Co. Donegal, Ireland
The 'beach' at the lake

Lady of the Manor

While there, I took this as part of my 365 project, more of which you can see here.

Hillwalker in the hills of Donegal, walking back from Lough Altan
The walk back along the old road

Bog holes and electricity towers on the hills of Donegal, Ireland
Lots of bog holes 

Hiker carrying a red backpack walking along a main road in Co. Donegal, Ireland
...4 hours later......For home...
Only a short trek, but hopefully this year will yield epic treks around Donegal and further afield.







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