The 365

Girl looking through a magnifying glass at the viewer

One year and 8 scattered months later my 365 project ends. The initial idea was to take one photo a day with me as the subject, but as I got busier the project suffered and I faltered around the middle as I had a sick family member to help look after. Even though I was missing chunks of days, I had to remind myself that it is my project after all! 

A valuable project to start if you want to improve your photography, I found it taught me to be more disciplined and organised and what works for me. I learned a lot about myself, like how freakishly long my fingers are (good for the horror pics), how unorganised I actually am, that I prefer to work at dusk and night and how to be my own model although I don't think I mastered that one fully yet, maybe I will start another project soon ;)

I had a lot of fun with some of the photos especially with the ones that I posted here. Below are highlights and some of my favourite photos from the project.... hope you enjoy

A miniature girl climbing through giant flowers and grass

Horror pic of a hand

Woman fixing her hair at the bathroom mirror in the morning light

Girl shaving her face in the bathroom mirror

Girl holding a vintage lubitel 166B camera

Sun setting behind cotton grass

A girl sitting in a rainy Irish landscape with dozens of telephone poles

Girl standing in front of a serene lake with hair thrown up in the air.

Hands holding a cup with tealeaves taking the shape of her fortune

Double self portrait - photographer taking a picture of herself

Female running from car headlights in the dark

Low view of a woman's legs standing in grass wearing a pencil skirt with vintage camera

Blurry black and white scary pic of a female sorcerer type figure in the woods with floating white balls of light

Woman sitting in a car at night and the Aurora Borealis in the night sky behind

 Close up of a leopard skin fur coat being clasped by a woman's hands with red nails 

Double exposure of a girl and ivy

Blueish purple landscape photograph of Muckross in Co. Donegal, Ireland

Woman sitting in long grass watching the sun setting

The End!


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