Lightning storm 19th July 2016

A bolt of Lightning striking Sliabh Liag (Slieve League) mountain during a thunderstorm

After an unusually hot and humid day, which had been forecast with a thunderstorm on the cards for the evening, I thought nothing of it and wasn't expecting only a few scant flashes of lightening. Earlier in the evening I shot some of the cloud formations over the bay.

Heavy thunder clouds in the sky
Around 8 pm the clouds started to accumulate.
Heavy thunder clouds gathering over Donegal Bay
Really heavy low clouds over Donegal Bay
I've always wanted to shoot lightning, it's not something that happens that often here so when the lightning started at around 10 pm with no sign of stopping, I had to grab that opportunity. 

Lightning storm over Slieve League in Co. Donegal
I got a clear view of Sliabh Liag mountain where most of the activity seemed to be happening.

I was glad to have captured some video of the storm as well, here is 11 seconds captured over 20 mins with the lulls taken out. This was towards the end of the storm which lasted about 2 hours and by this time it was beginning to slow and the lightening was getting less frequent but the strange thing about this thunderstorm was that there wasn't that much thunder!  Enjoy.


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