Visual Creepiness

A witch casting a spell  in a forest - Marie Carr Photography

Here's some new visuals of the macabre and creepy! Most were shot this year and this is a genre I love to shoot! Hope they create a sense of disgust and horror as intended.... ;)

Happy Halloween everyone!

Horror photograph of a silhouette of a bloody hand - Marie Carr Photography

Creepy picture of a screaming person trapped under ice - Marie Carr Photography

A raven, the bird of ill omen, perched on a rock with beak open as if speaking - Marie Carr Photography

Close up of a hand of dead and decaying person - Marie Carr Photography

An obscured picture of a hand over a frightened woman's mouth - Marie Carr Photography

Horror photography of blood draining into a sink plughole coming from the tap - Marie Carr Photography

A cross on a tombstone being choked by ivy - Marie Carr Photography

A being or woman with long hair crawling up the stairs and hands crawling the walls in the dark - Marie Carr Photography



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