Lough Inshagh Walk

View of Lough Inshagh in the Derryveagh Mountains in Co. Donegal

Lough Inshagh, one of Glenveagh National park's lakes, lends its name to the 7 km route that once connected the village of Church hill to Glenveagh castle. Like the Bridle/Glen Walk this is not a loop walk but there is a bus from the visitor car park on Saturdays and Sundays that taxis people to the start of these walks.

The stag bust at the entrance to Glenveagh National Park
The entrance to Glenveagh National Park from the Gartan side

At the beginning of the walk is the birthplace of St. Colmcille, the man involved in one of the first ever recorded disputes over copyright in the 6th century,  and where the expression 'To every cow belongs its calf; to every book its copy' came from. He is also credited for spreading christianity throughout Scotland.  

Saint Colmcille's birthplace can be found on the Gartan side of the walk.

When I set out, the forecast was looking good for sunny spells but it remained heavily overcast for most of my trip save for a few brief minutes, the ones photographers hope for, when the clouds expose the sun, lighting up parts of the landscape. Then it was gone. 

Go n-éirí an bóthar leat - May the road rise with you 

The Derryveagh Mountains in Glenveagh National Park, Ireland
The Derryveagh mountains

The Inshagh walk and Inshagh Lake in Glenveagh National Park, Co. Donegal
Lough Inshagh, click on photo to view large

View of Muckish Mountain along the route.

Small section of forest on part of the Inshagh Lough track in Glenveagh National Park
Small patch of forest on the way.

Autumn colours at Glenveagh Lough National Park in Co. Donegal, Ireland
Glenveagh lough. View towards Glenveagh Castle from the Glenveagh end of the Inshagh trail.

Though not as dramatic as the Bridle Walk, the Inshagh walk has beautiful views of Muckish mountain and the lakes and it makes for a pleasant hike. 

The Inshagh route:

Map of the Lough Inshagh walk route
The Inshagh route through Glenveagh National Park. Click to enlarge.



  1. Done (and love) Glenveagh a few times, but don't think I've done this route-so will be checking it out soon. Great pictures, but then that happens every time with you

  2. Thanks, would be great for mountain biking







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